Concrete Products

  • Ready-mix Concrete
  • Retarded Mortars
  • Plaster
  • Self-levelling Concrete
  • Flowable Concrete
  • Colour Concrete
  • Waterproof Concrete
  • Freezer Room Mix
  • Piling Concrete
  • Pump Mixes

We also supply truck mounted boom pumps with booms ranging from 32m to 38m spans.

Floor Mixes

In order to achieve high quality, durable concrete floors with high abrasion resistance, good wear, adequate flexural strength and good dimensional stability, careful consideration is made when selecting the materials and the proportioning of each. Click here to download floor mix brochure.

Floor Mix Premium
Recommended for high spec industrial floor applications with premium aggregates and blends
  • Controlled Bleeding
  • Increased setting times
  • Durable and wear resistance
  • Resistant to aggressive agents
  • Low shrinkage characteristics
Floor Mix Special
Recommended For internal and external industrial floor application
  • Controlled Bleeding
  • Improved setting times
  • Improved shrinkage characteristics
Floor Mix
Recommended for external Hardstands and domestic floor applications
  • Standard setting times
  • Reduced Bleeding
  • Increased shrinkage