Our commercial foot print is continuously increasing and we are always looking for new areas and projects that would be suitable to produce sustainable business, whilst focusing on our mission and vision of always using high quality products and techniques. This leads us to produce a ready mix product that is accessible to all people at reasonable prices, as well as continually being mindful of the environmental and societal impact of our business.

Commercial plants are all 100% fully automated to ensure the best possible product is released to our clients. Plants range from 35 to 55 cubes per hour in production and at some sites we have 2 plants to keep up to the demand of the area. Each plant has a highly trained batcher / on site lab which is monitored by our in house live quality tracking system. Each area has its own dedicated production planner to ensure that you are able to make contact directly with a trained planner that knows your business and order.

Mobile Plant

Scribante Concrete’s current footprint in the mobile market is one of high delivery of a great product whilst being mindful of safety. Most of our mobile plants are plug and play systems which allows for smaller carbon footprint as well as increased installation speed allowing us up to 3 days once on site to put the first layer of concrete on the ground.

Our mobile plants consist of wet and dry batching systems that are all fully automated and governed by a strict “Alerts” in house quality system that is constantly live and being monitored by our dedicated quality team. Each plant is capable of producing 35 to 55 cubes per hour (plants are selected for each job based on capacity needed).

Scribante Concrete are proud to be one of the largest ready-mix suppliers to the Renewable energy projects in South Africa. Each mobile plant comes with its own fully trained team of managers, batchers, drivers, loaders and on-site laboratory to ensure the best service delivery is experienced.

Pump Service

Scribante concrete have a fleet of 4 pump trucks which are used in our different regions for small to large projects. We use the best brands through CIFA and Schwing to optimal productivity for our company. Reach of the pump would be between 32 and 38 meters with the ability to extend this through pipe connections. Contact us to request either a site inspection or advice on how we can better assist your project completion through pumping solution.

Scribante Concrete are well versed in high rise building pumping and have designed special mixes in order to resolve quality issues around high rise pumping. We also have a special Spreader that is used on high rise buildings which enables the user to easily supply concrete through a static pump up to the selected floor and then have mobility in where the concrete needs to be placed.

Our Service Promise